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Member Protection Information

Meet Lyn Pearson

Our Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

Lyn is the first point of contact in the club if you have any

concerns or complaints about harassment or abuse. 

The MPIO provides confidential information and moral support

to the person with the concern or who is alleging harassment.
The MPIO is responsible to the Executive Committee and

club members.

The MPIO will:
• Take confidential notes about the complaint;
• Try to find out the facts of the problem;
• Ask what outcome/how the complainant wants the problem


and whether you feel you need support;
• Provide possible options for the complainant to resolve the problem;
• Act as a support person if the complainant so wishes;
• Refer the complainant to an appropriate person (e.g. Mediator) to help them resolve the problem, if
• Inform the relevant government authorities and/or police if required by law to do so;
• Maintain confidentiality.

Lyn can be contacted in person or by email

Geelong Archers take child safety very seriously. You can read our Child Safe policy here.

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